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Charlii Mega Marilyn Stylist Set - Rose Gold

Charlii Mega Marilyn Stylist Set - Rose Gold

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Introducing the Mega Marilyn Stylist Set - the ultimate solution for achieving mega volume and bounce in your hair. With 20 Velcro hair rollers and 10 clips, this set is perfect for hairstylists and those with longer hair who want salon-quality results at home.

What sets our Mega Marilyn Stylist Set apart from ordinary plastic rollers? It's not just about looks - these rollers are packed with features that will elevate your styling game. The extra-wide design and aluminum core retain heat like a round brush, delivering exceptional results.

Whether you want to channel the classic volume and bounce of Marilyn Monroe or simply find a convenient way to style your hair, the Mega Marilyn Stylist Set is a must-have addition to your hair care routine.

Here's how to use them:

Place the Velcro hair rollers in dry or damp hair. For extra volume, first style dry hair with a curling wand or blowdry brush, then set with the rollers.
Secure the rollers with the included clips.
Apply heat for additional bounce.
Carry on with your daily routine until your hair is cool and dry.
Remove the rollers and style as desired.

Get ready to flaunt your fabulous hair and enjoy the benefits of the Mega Marilyn Stylist Set!

Included in the set:
10 lightweight rose gold Velcro rollers (60mm x 90mm diameter)
10 lightweight rose gold Velcro rollers (30mm x 90mm diameter)
10 gold clips
Satin Charlii drawstring bag

This set is perfect for individuals with long or thick hair, as well as hairstylists. With enough rollers to create both small and large sets, you can easily roll more hair in one go, saving precious time.

Make every day a good hair day with Charlii! Don't miss out on the Mega Marilyn Stylist Set - grab yours now and experience the difference.
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