Hair Care & Styling Tips

Let us help you care and style just like a professional.

With an abundance of hair care products on the market, which one is best for you. We have put together a bunch of videos that will assist with helping for you to either choose which ones right for you or educate  on the best ways to utilise that product to style your hair just like you have walked out of the salon.

We have selected the most popular How To Styling Videos below. If you looking for something more CLICK HERE to view more of our styling Tip videos from our amazing suppliers and brands we use in Salon.


From ghd

How to Create Cool Girl Waves.





How to create soft waves in naturally curly hair.


How to straighten and style a full fringe


How to add texture with a straightener


How to create the modern straight wave look with GHD Oracle.



How to create beauty waves with GHD Oracle.


How to create a sleek ponytail.



From Pureology

How to create soft finishes and locked in looks with Pureology Hair Sprays.



How to create a windswept look with Pureology.


Blow dry tips for smooth hair. 


Blow dry tips for thicker hair and building volume



Blow dry tips for curly hair.




From Olaplex

How to apply Olaplex No.3