Manage Your Subscription

 Shelley and Co Subscriptions

 Our subscriptions are set up to make it easy for you to have your favourite products delivered you you want them.

Choose from either every 6 weeks and receive an additional 10% discount off our already low prices or every 3 months for 5% discount.

We only have a a couple of terms to abide by.

1. If you sign up to subscriptions and accept the additional discount, you must take at least two orders. Please note, you can not manually opt out until your second order has been processed.

2. If you do choose to opt out prior to your second order, all we ask is you pay the difference between the subscription price and the normal price.

Its that easy.




Shelley and Co Subscriptions makes it easy and intuitive for you to manage your subscriptions from your account page on your website.

The below steps show how you can manage your subscriptions easily!

Step 1: Once you log into the Shelley and Co website it goes to your Account page, you will see this type of interface. To manage your subscriptions, you will need to click on ‘Manage Subscriptions.'


Step 2: You will then be redirected to the subscriptions’ page, where you can:

  • Edit the frequency of the subscription

  • Update payment information

  • Cancel the subscription for a product.


Edit Frequency

Update Payment Information

Cancel Subscription