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Floractive W One 3 in 1 Conditioner, Mask, Leave-In 300ml

Floractive W One 3 in 1 Conditioner, Mask, Leave-In 300ml

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W One Home Care brings together premium ingredients to deliver effective hair treatment enriched with potent nutrients like coconut, cocoa, and coffee, abundant in vitamins A, B2, E, K, iron, and potassium. This blend ensures assistance in promoting hair growth, hydration, shine, softness, and rejuvenation of the strands. Enhanced with an active derivative of Brazilian palms, its consistent use improves hair quality by targeting the outer layers of the cuticle, restoring hair properties. It also supports and extends the effects of hair straightening treatments, such as nanoplasty.


Hydration: Maintains essential moisture levels and nourishes hair strands.

Conditioning: Stabilizes pH levels, contracts cuticles, resulting in shinier and longer-lasting hair.

Protection: Shields against environmental, physical, and temperature-induced damage, ensuring prolonged smoothness.

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