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Kerastase Genesis Bundle

Kerastase Genesis Bundle

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The Kérastase Genesis Trio Bundle: the ultimate collection for those who want strong, radiant, and hair-fall-resistant locks.

What's included in the Kérastase Genesis Trio Bundle?

Kérastase Genesis Bain Hydra-Fortifiant Anti Hair-Fall Shampoo (250ml): Start your hair transformation journey with this gentle yet effective shampoo. It cleanses your hair while targeting hair fall from the root, helping your strands regain their vitality.

Kérastase Genesis Fondant Renforcateur Conditioner (200ml): This lightweight conditioner not only detangles your hair with ease, but also provides your locks with essential nutrients. It forms a protective barrier against daily damage, helping your hair stay strong and healthy.

Kérastase Genesis Anti-Chute Fortifiant Hair Fall Serum (30ml): The superstar of your hair care routine, this serum nourishes your scalp and strengthens your hair fibers. Say goodbye to breakage and hello to resilient, gorgeous hair.

With consistent use of the Kérastase Genesis Trio Bundle, you can expect a significant reduction in hair fall and a complete hair transformation. Get ready to experience the luxurious touch of Kérastase Genesis and elevate your hair care regimen to new heights.
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