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La Biosthetique Oil Therapy Cream 100ml

La Biosthetique Oil Therapy Cream 100ml

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La Biosthétique coiffeurs have already been pampering their customers with the salon-exclusive Oil Therapy treatments for more than 40 years. Oil Therapy Cream brings the sensational effects of these oils into your home and easily, lastingly and effectively fulfils your wish for shiny and healthy hair within your own four walls, without overconditioning.


Oil Therapy Cream is able to successfully provide such stunning results thanks to its customised combination of a very special oil and natural active ingredients. Castor oil, better known as the oil of the miracle tree, has an incomparable caring effect that allows it to make hair strong, soft, smooth and shiny all at the same time.


The cold-pressed castor oil is characterised by an unusually high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids. In addition, it achieves a synergistic effect thanks to coconut fatty acid derivatives, which combat lipid deficits, thus providing elasticity, combability and shine. What’s more, a care substance based on rapeseed oil and guar-bean-based conditioning quaternised polysaccharides help to provide an intensive care effect.


The special combination of fatty acids in Oil Therapy Cream helps with all structural damage, be it due to insufficient or incorrect care, physical stress factors such as sun or hot blow-drying, chemical treatments or genetic characteristics like curls or very thick, unruly hair. Oil Therapy Cream is suitable for all hair types.


  • After washing, distribute evenly into towel-dried hair
  • Depending on the hair structure and condition, leave in for 5–10 minutes
  • Rinse out surplus product
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