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La Biosthetique Rapid Hair Growth Set

La Biosthetique Rapid Hair Growth Set

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Dermosthetique Anti-Age Shampooing Actif F 200ml – Regenerating medicated shampoo promotes hair growth and revitalises ageing scalp. With a blend of sea salt rich in mineral substances, hair and scalp is gently cleansed without stripping the hair of its natural oil. Ceramides strengthen and protect the hair cuticles from breakage, whilst Algae extract provides protection against environmental aggressors. Glyco cell extract prevents the hardening of scalp tissue while maintaining cell activity to boost formation of new hair. Hair and scalp feel refreshed and weightless, hair growth rate improves for thicker, luscious hair.

Dermosthetique Anti-Age Elixir Anti Chute Premium 100ml – Revitalising medicated tonic actively prevents thinning hair and gradual hair loss, and boosts hair growth with state-of-the-art cell active ingredients. With a blend of three types of active cell extracts, hair growth rate is accelerated as young stem cells are stimulated resulting in the improvement of hair density and protection against environmental damages. Red sage extract and Vitamin B3 reduces the hardening of scalp tissue to provide optimal environment for hair growth. Hair growth rate significantly improves and slows down ageing process of the scalp for healthy, fuller hair.

Dermosthetique Anti-Age Therapie Anti Chute Premium 10x10ml – Intensive ampoule treatment combines a powerful blend of cell-active ingredients to combat hair loss and all signs of age-related hair changes. Formulated with ginseng extract, vitamins and trace elements, it improves the anagen/telogen ratio for more hair in the growth phase. Natural hair colour is restored and enhanced with Biomimetic peptide which acts as a pigmentation booster. Both the hair and scalp’s condition is significantly restored back to youthful, optimal state and hair density improves for thicker, fuller shiny hair. Perfect treatment for those with a genetic hair loss condition.



After three months of daily treatment, there was a 9 percent increase in new hair growth and a 17 percent decrease in hair loss. Specifically, this amounts to an increase in hair density by up to 28,000 hairs. **Active ingredient study, source: Induchem AG (26 testers)

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