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La Biosthetique Soft Texture Spray 150ml

La Biosthetique Soft Texture Spray 150ml

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Push the spray button to give your hair a portion of care, weightless texture, volume and perfect, effortless undone texture. Casual understatement you can spray on, for all lengths and types.

The incredibly easy to apply styling spray is a veritable multitalent. It conditions the hair with moisture and Provitamin B5, tames frizz and provides flexible hold, relaxed texture and light structure. It invigorates the hair’s natural structure, creates volume and relaxed definition. Curls and waves are supported and bunched without stickiness or loss of bounce. Beach waves and undone looks maintain the perfect, effortless texture without looking oily or sticky. Also ideal for weightless restyling in the morning or between shampoos.

Spray on the hair from a distance of about 30 cm. Start with a little and, as needed, add more until you have achieved the desired effect. For a wind-swept, undone structure, casually bunched curls and waves or for refreshing your look, spray into sections of dry hair, preferably into the lengths and tips. For immediate volume, spray into the roots. Applied to damp hair, the spray provides more volume and structure when you air-dry, finger-dry or naturally blow-dry hair with a brush.




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