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La Biosthetique Therm-O-Flat 150ml

La Biosthetique Therm-O-Flat 150ml

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This thermoactive straightening fluid turns undesirable curls or stubborn, frizzy hair into perfectly straightened hair up until the next wash. With the help of straightening iron and blow-dryer.

This straightening fluid has a dual effect! On the one hand, it offers highly effective heat protection and, on the other hand, it transforms stubborn, frizzy hair and curls into a sleek mane with the help of a blow-dryer and straightening iron. The hair is sealed and your beautiful style lasts until the next wash or rain shower – guaranteed.

  • The multi-active ingredient complex in Therm-O-Flat, which is composed of wheat proteins, silk amino acids, wool wax, and castor oil, strengthens and protects the hair.
  • It also smoothens the cuticle and gives the hair a glossy shine.
  • Silicone compounds bound to wheat peptides guarantee perfect protection against heat and blow-drying.
  • D-panthenol intensifies the effect of the straightening fluid by binding the moisture and offering additional heat protection.
  • Double hold for double efficacy.
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