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EVO happy campers wearable treatment 200ml

EVO happy campers wearable treatment 200ml

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a lightweight daily styling treatment to moisturise, strengthen and protect, while adding style support.


  • recommended for weak, brittle, colour-treated hair
  • adds moisture and reduces frizz while providing slight volume and hold
  • strengthens hair and helps reduce breakage while improving combability and manageability
  • helps provide protection from uv damage
  • improves styling and helps reduce blow-drying time
  • can be used as a spray or a cream for a more concentrated effect
  • fragrance notes - oriental, spicy, citrus, woody

happy campers wearable treatment is formulated to moisturise, strengthen and repair damaged hair. this leave-in treatment enhances styling by improving combability and speeding up blow-drying time. the use of panthenol adds natural shine, while hydrolyzed quinoa helps to reduce hair breakage and retain colour. happy campers offers uva/uvb protection, helping to shield hair from sun and heat damage. this daily treatment features a dual delivery nozzle and can be sprayed directly onto hair or sprayed into hands as a cream. happy campers wearable treatment is part of the repair family, designed to repair and strengthen weak, brittle, colour-treated hair.

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