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Floractive Marroco Golden Plus Mask 250g

Floractive Marroco Golden Plus Mask 250g

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Introducing the key to beautifully nourished and rejuvenated hair: Floractive Marroco Golden Plus Mask! Crafted with a meticulous blend of opulent ingredients, this hair mask offers a luxurious spa experience for your locks.

Infused with the precious Argan oil, complemented by Omega 3 and 6, this mask performs miracles in replenishing and harmonising your hair's natural lipid balance. Bid farewell to dull and lacklustre hair, and welcome striking shine, silkiness, and profound hydration.


  • Nourishes the hair deeply
  • Promotes hair vitality
  • Provides intense moisture
  • Stimulates hair regeneration
  • Abounds with antioxidant properties
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