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K18 PEPTIDE PREP™ pH maintenance shampoo

K18 PEPTIDE PREP™ pH maintenance shampoo

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Introducing K18 PEPTIDE PREP™ pH maintenance shampoo. This powerful, yet non-stripping formula is the perfect addition to any hair routine. Our patented K18PEPTIDE™ technology deeply cleanses your hair and scalp, thanks to its revolutionary lather that works to unclog hair follicles and banish dirt, oils, silicones, and heavy product buildup — including 99% of product buildup, 95% of sebum + a 76% reduction in copper after only one wash!. What's more is that this miraculous shampoo prepares your locks for maximum results with our K18 Molecular Repair Leave-In Treatment while creating the ideal foundation for healthy hair — without compromising color-safe conditions. Rest assured that no matter what kind of chemical or styling products you use afterwards (or even beforehand!) — our technology will actively work to maintain your natural pH balance so that you can achieve salon results right at home. Treat yourself today to an at-home pampering experience with K18 PEPTIDE PREP™ pH maintenance shampoo!


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