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Kérastase Genesis Ampoules Cure Anti-Chute Fortifiantes 10 x 6ml

Kérastase Genesis Ampoules Cure Anti-Chute Fortifiantes 10 x 6ml

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A potent, targeted treatment to address excessive hair fall. 

When you’re noticing more hair than usual on your brush (or let’s be honest, on your bathroom floor) it’s time to try Kérastase Genesis Ampoules Cures Anti-Chute. This concentrated, intensive treatment has been designed to support a healthy scalp, and reduce hair fall. It’s a caring, strengthening regime that also feels lovely on an irritated scalp. 

Why will I love the Kérastase Genesis Ampoules Cures Anti-Chute?

  • Intensive treatment for hair fall
  • Addresses cause of falling hair at the root 
  • Supports the ideal environment for healthy hair growth 
  • Soothes and protects an irritated scalp
  • Reinforces the skin’s natural moisture barrier 
  • Ideal for periods of noticeably increased hair fall 
  • Best used in conjunction with the full Kérastase Genesis range 
  • Use one tube daily for six weeks
  • Box contains 10 x 6ml tubes

Who are the Kérastase Genesis Ampoules Cures Anti-Chute best for?

This is an intensive treatment designed to be used in periods of particularly noticeable hair fall. It’s designed to be used daily for six weeks. Because of this, you will need to purchase five boxes to get the full treatment. 

For less dramatic hair fall, or for maintenance after this initial six-week period, use the Kérastase Genesis Serum Anti-Chute Fortifiant. You won’t need to use the serum and the ampoules at the same time. 

How should I use the Kérastase Genesis Ampoules Cures Anti-Chute?

You’ll want to use one ampoule every day for six weeks, either first thing in the morning or before bed. Snap the top of the tube, then apply evenly over your scalp by pressing on the bottom. Work in sections, and massage your scalp gently. Don’t rinse. This treatment can be used on either dry or towel-dried hair. 

Key ingredients: 

  • Aminexil 1.5%, to help secure the hair in its root
  • Ginger root, to protect the hair from environmental factors
  • Arginine, an antioxidant to nourish the hair and support circulation at the scalp



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