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La Biosthetique Ergines Plus Vital 10 Ampoules

La Biosthetique Ergines Plus Vital 10 Ampoules

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The cell-active anti-aging hair treatment decelerates the aging of the hair follicle, actively combats hair loss and thinning hair and increases hair growth.

Today, beautiful, shiny hair is a sign of someone who takes care of themselves and pays attention to beauty and body care. Who doesn’t dream today of amazing, full and shiny hair even when they’re old? To ensure this isn’t just a dream, the La Biosthétique researchers have developed an important formulation. Thérapie Anti-Chute Plus, the cell-active hair treatment to combat hair loss, activates the reformation of stem cells of the hair follicle, extensively protects them and halts aging processes on all levels. Hair loss is effectively combated, hair quality and hair density are significantly improved.


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