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La Biosthetique Glam Color Hair Mask .24 Chocolate 200ml

La Biosthetique Glam Color Hair Mask .24 Chocolate 200ml

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Glam Color Hair Mask .24 Chocolate refreshes warm brown reflections and intensifies them with guaranteed colour refreshing for three to five washes. The hair is given brilliant shine.

Rich luxurious red golden shimmering brown is pure magic! The conditioning colour refresher Glam Color Advanced .24 Chocolate guarantees striking reflections. No matter whether the hair is coloured or completely natural. Glam Color Advanced intensifies warm brown in the hair and makes it shine. Directly penetrating pigments guarantee stable colour refreshing for three to five washes with a product that is completely easy to use. Silk proteins condition the hair. The hair structure is improved, the hair is given impressive shine and is perfectly combable. Glam Color Advanced and its brown are setting trends in terms of colour depth and brilliance!

After washing, evenly apply Glam Color Advanced to towel-dried hair. If necessary, comb through. The processing time is dependent on the desired intensity and is between 3 and 10 minutes (the more porous the hair structure, the more intensely the colour pigments penetrate the hair). Then rinse thoroughly. When you apply it, use gloves to avoid the colour staining the skin!


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