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La Biosthetique Long Hair Growth Booster

La Biosthetique Long Hair Growth Booster

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The powerful care for hair roots and scalp stimulates the activity of the hair-forming cells and accelerates the growth of healthy, strong hair.

Growth Booster is a potent power package for the hair roots and scalp. The growth booster takes effect at the very place where hair growth starts.

Keratin building blocks stimulate the hair roots, while an energy mix of glycogen and creatine significantly increases their cell activity*. This increases the hair’s growth rate by an impressive 67%**.
Trace elements from coral and biotin result in healthy growth and boost the formation of stable, strong hair.

Wheat bran extract reduces the deposition of pollution particles on the scalp and thus supports its natural functions.

A complex effect principle that turns Growth Booster into the ideal growth accelerator and a guarantee for healthy, strong lengths.

*According to an in vitro study, the cell division rate increases by more than 98% compared to a placebo solution, source: BASF AG raw materials documentation
**Result of a clinical study compared to a placebo solution, source: Sederma GmbH


  • The keratin building blocks arginine, lysine and aspartic acid
  • Energy mix of glycogen and creatine
  • Trace elements of coral and biotin
  • Apigenin, oleanolic acid, Vitamin B12
  • Wheat bran extract


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