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La Biosthetique Methode Clarifiante Masque Peeling 75ml

La Biosthetique Methode Clarifiante Masque Peeling 75ml

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This mild exfoliator, infused with bamboo particles, effectively eliminates dirt and excess dead skin, enhancing the complexion.



Masque Peeling offers a gentle daily exfoliation experience, utilizing micro bamboo particles to gently remove stubborn dead skin cells, revealing a luminous, radiant complexion.

  • With the removal of buildup and dead skin, the skin is naturally stimulated for cell renewal.
  • Its creamy gel texture glides effortlessly, while the particles lift and clear away impurities, leaving the skin with a smoother, softer texture.
  • Ideal for daily spot treatment in acne-prone areas, such as the T-zone.
  • Enriched with essential oils to clarify impurities and deliver moisture.
  • Suitable for normal to oily skin types.


  • Bamboo silica gel: Stimulates cell renewal.
  • Complex of natural essential oils with skin-clarifying properties.


After cleansing the face, apply Masque Peeling using your fingertips in circular motions, massaging gently for one to two minutes.

Thoroughly rinse off with a cosmetic sponge and warm water.

Tip: Target specific areas of the skin for application if desired.

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