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La Biosthetique Méthode Régénérante Hairloss Control Scalp Concentrate (10 x 10ml)

La Biosthetique Méthode Régénérante Hairloss Control Scalp Concentrate (10 x 10ml)

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Replacing La Biosthetique's Anti-Age Therapie Anti-Chute Premium

This scalp serum effectively addresses different types of hair loss, restores hair health, slows down ageing processes, and reduces greying while promoting hair repigmentation. It revitalises hair roots and extends the hair's lifecycle. Three distinct mechanisms actively combat hair loss and stimulate hair growth.


  • Encapsulated Edelweiss extract: Reduces hair loss by extending the anagen phase of hair follicles. Stimulates cell division, leading to increased hair thickness and density.
  • Larch polyphenols and green tea glycoside: Activate the production of youthful stem cells, neutralise free radicals, and enhance hair growth.

Replaces Therapie Anti Chute Premium For Hair Growth with enhanced ingredients!

The Hairloss Control Scalp Concentrate is a scientifically proven, highly effective scalp serum:

  • Targets Various Types of Hair Loss: Effectively tackles temporary, diffuse, hormonal, and hereditary hair loss and thinning.
  • Restores Hair Health: Rapidly improves hair body, quality, and density.
  • Slows Ageing Processes: Delays hair ageing, stimulates growth, and prolongs hair lifespan.
  • Reduces Greying: Counters hair greying and supports the repigmentation of grey hair strands.
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