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La Biosthetique Methode Regenerante Visalix Jeunesse 250ml

La Biosthetique Methode Regenerante Visalix Jeunesse 250ml

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A hydrating and calming toner designed to nourish and soothe dry skin.


Experience the gentle efficacy of Visalix Jeunesse as it tones and revitalizes your skin post-cleansing, enhancing its softness. Scientifically validated test results demonstrate remarkable improvements in skin texture, reducing scaling and itchiness.

  • Suitable for daily use, or leave on overnight for prolonged benefits
  • Delivers 72-hour moisture retention, leaving skin irresistibly soft
  • Soothing properties of liquorice root promote skin calmness
  • Lactic acid aids in maintaining skin hydration for a radiant complexion


  • Skin-identical, wheat-based moisture complex with a long-term effect results in deep-action, instantly noticeable moisture penetration over a period of 72 hours
  • Polysaccharides from an Asian tuber additionally support the skin’s protective acid mantle and moisturise the skin
  • Liquorice root extract is anti-inflammatory and skin-calming
  • Sodium salts of lactic acid and gluconic acid are components of the skin’s own NMFs. They improve the skin’s moisture binding and thus prevent dehydration
Morning and evening, post-cleansing, apply Visalix Jeunesse to a cotton pad and gently sweep over the face, neck, and décolleté. Allow the potent essence to absorb fully, relishing in the delightful sensation it leaves on your skin.
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