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La Bisothetique Long Hair Protective Softening Shampoo

La Bisothetique Long Hair Protective Softening Shampoo

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The gentle micelles shampoo is deep-cleansing, balances out the hair structure, protects against damaging environmental influences and gives the hair silky care.


Protective Softening Shampoo cleanses long hair and scalps. It acts deep down like a magnet and is also gentle and kind to the hair.

Wheat bran extract removes dirt particles, fine dust and pollutants. A cationic guar balances out structural differences as soon as you start washing.  

Sugar beet betaine gives hair in need of care sufficient natural moisture and makes it soft.

The hair is protected from environmental influences, is easy to comb and has silky shine.


  • Glycolipid (micelles)
  • Wheat bran extract
  • Cationic guar
  • Sugar beet betaine
  • Glucose polyphenol




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