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Oribe Candle - Cote d'Azur

Oribe Candle - Cote d'Azur

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Oribe Côte d’Azur Candle, the quintessential fragrance capturing the essence of Oribe's signature scent. Infused with sun-drenched Calabrian bergamot, black currant, and Sicilian orange, this candle envelops your space with a vibrant and refreshing aroma. As the fragrance unfurls, notes of white butterfly jasmine embrace creamy sandalwood and crisp amber, creating a luxurious and inviting ambiance day and night.

Key Notes:

  • Top: Fresh Lemon, Black Currant, Calabrian Bergamot, Sicilian Orange
  • Middle: Tuberose, Blue Cyclamen, White Butterfly Jasmine
  • Drydown: Sandalwood, Vetiver, Crisp Amber
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